Looking to install a quality solar system at your home or business?

Join our many satisfied customers in making your home sustainable!


Here at Top Power Electrical we are an Australian owned and family operated business, we have over 18 years in the electrical field and 10 years in the solar field.


We always provide a high-quality of workmanship and excellent customer service – from the first point of contact until the final result.


With over 2,000 solar power installations under our belt you know you won’t get any old installation you will get a top power installation.

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Low Maintenance


After installation by our A-grade team, little needs to be done. We'll monitor your system.


Government Incentives



 Small-scale technology certificates (STCs) are a discount voucher on the cost of installing your solar system. The number of STCs you are eligible for varies on the size of your system and where you live. To find out more:



Cash-in on Tariffs

Feed-in tariffs (FITs) enable you to receive payment for excess any  electricity generated and feed it back into grid. To find out more:





By choosing a solar system you are playing your part in protecting the environment. On average a solar system offsets and estimated 6 tonnes of carbon pollution per year.


Increase in 

Property Value


A fantastic return on investment. Buyers are more educated on the benefits of solar systems, and the demand for homes with pre-installed solar continues to grow.


Finance on

Renewable Energy

RateSetter enables clean energy is affordable by all Australians. Financing your solar is simply, To get started:




For any enquiries or questions about converting your home or business to solar call Stuart on 0401 946 125 or alternatively complete your details and send them to us. 

Get a quote: 0401 946 125

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